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Swarovski crystal chandeliers

Swarovski crystal chandeliers

What are Swarovski chandeliers? Did you know that Swarovski themselves have only ever produced a very limited range of lights and chandeliers? But there are many companies who are licenced as official partners to make very desirable chandeliers decorated with Swarovski crystals in lots of shapes and colours. We deal with many of these companies, so we’re a great one-stop-shop in your search for your perfect Swarovski crystal chandelier.

This particular chandelier is styled very traditionally, but the gorgeous cobalt blue Swarovski crystal pendants give it an interesting and  rather modern twist.

You will find lots of chandeliers, lamps and lights on our site with Swarovski pendants. Many are modern and add a touch of glamour to their surroundings.

Others have a more classic look, like this ceiling light below. The Murano glass “leaves” are adorned with simple, clear Swarovski beads for a luxurious contemporary look.


Swarovski crystals are made in different shapes and sizes. They are beautiful, offering a clarity which is second to none, and their appearance when lit is spectacular. There are lots of lovely colours to choose from too. For your reassurance, each product bears a small sticker with a unique 16-digit code on the back, so you can check its authenticity on the Swarovski website.

There are two different types of Swarovski crystals available for chandeliers :

Swarovski ®Elements are superior quality crystals in a sizeable range of gorgeous colours and shapes. Their reputation precedes them. Before your chandelier is assembled, the Elements will be sprayed with a special chemical which will repel dust. Each Element has a tiny logo laser-etched on the inside.

Spectra ®crystals are also manufactured by Swarovski. They are of superb quality, and as they are lead-free, are very environmentally friendly.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality product, and one which will keep its value.  There’s no question about it. This is a premium brand.


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