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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)
Stairwell and staircase chandeliers

Stairwell and staircase chandeliers

Good lighting is essential in your hallway and in your staircase and stairwell area, and for creating a warm welcome for you and your visitors. We can offer you a great selection of stairwell lights and chandeliers. If you’re fortunate enough to have an open stairwell which needs lighting, you might choose a spectacular stairwell chandelier. As we are Murano glass specialists, we will often suggest that you look at some of our wonderful Venetian chandeliers. A large multi-tier staircase chandelier with lots of lights will look magnificent.

You may think that Murano glass chandeliers are designed for traditional homes and residences, but they can look amazing in a modern or minimal setting too. Murano glass stairwell chandeliers can be made for you in many sizes, and in a huge range of colours.

You may prefer a large waterfall chandelier or cascading chandelier to make a fantastic first impression.Tall column chandeliers will provide brilliant illumination. For a modern country look, we might suggest this gorgeous filigree metal column light, with a drop of just over 3 metres.

We keep an eye on modern lighting trends,and are currently seeing a revival in mid-century/ 60s and 70s chandeliers and lighting. This includes prism chandeliers. The photo below shows an incredible Murano glass prism chandelier with four-sided glass prisms. It was taken during the final stages of installation in a private home. Hence the sheets draped over the bannister and the odd cables… We have had numerous clients approach us for these.

We can also work with you on your own unique bespoke staircase chandelier design, and as our MD is bilingual in English and Italian, you can be sure that your wishes will be communicated correctly to the Murano studios we work with. Send us a photo of a stairwell chandelier you particularly like, and we can work with you to make your dream a reality. We have worked on many long chandeliers for staircases

You could even go a little crazy with a Murano glass art chandelier!

Lighting for modern staircases gives you lots of options too. As well as modern glass or crystal staircase chandeliers, you might choose a fabulous cluster chandelier, or cluster pendant light. These are usually made from glass and metal, and come with multiple lights and varied drops. If you are looking for designer staircase lighting, the Italians are known for their impressive and stylish designs. You might pay a little more for high-end hallway and stair lighting, but it will be impressive!


There are two questions which crop up with stairwell chandeliers and lighting. The first is installation. The best news of all is that we can take care of installation, providing manpower, scaffolding, all the necessary equipment, and insurance.

The second is hanging a chandelier on a sloping ceiling. If the chandelier is small and light, this is not a problem, as the chain will take the pressure. On large installations we will often need to design a custom fitting for the top of the chandelier, working with the studio in Italy to achieve the best possible outcome.

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