This challenging job was divided into two parts. The first goal was to install a 450 kg chandelier lift, and following this installation
clean and restore the chandelier. The chandelier was about 30 years old, and with difficult access, requiring a tower to re-lamp and clean. Over the years a lot of dust had accumulated on the frame and the crystals, and a few of the sockets had burn out.
The clients desire to install a lifter on this basis made a lot of sense. It is certainly a safer option than building a tower every time you need to clean or change the bulbs.
Once we had placed the chandelier lift in position, we lowered the chandelier to ground level, and built a temporary wood structure that would take the weight of the lowered chandelier. The photo clearly shows the wood structure we built
With the wood beams fully supporting the chandelier at floor level, we were finally able to place the lifter between the floorboard, in its final position. At last we were able to start the process of cleaning and replacing burnt out lamp holders.
Cleaning involves stripping the chandelier and cleaning each component. We usually use either warm water or methylated spirits fro stubborn stains!. Lint free cotton gloves help a lot too. What does not work in our experience are any of the propitiatory liquids that you ust spray and let the dirt drip off. We have tried these products, and have always been disappointed with the results. The photo shows the before and after look on one of the 96 bobeches.
Finally the chandelier was clean and sparkly, and all that was left to do was reconnect the chain to the lifter cable, and lift the chandelier back into position.