A very large pair of wall lights take shape!

Posted by Carl Mallory on
A very large pair of wall lights take shape!

We have just finished this important project for a client based in Kuwait. The wall lights form part of a large commission that also included a 6000mm  long chandelier, a 5000mm long chandelier, and an oval chandelier that measures 1500mm x 4000mm x 2300mm.

You can see the frame of the oval chandelier taking shape below:

All in we used a little over 2KM of crystal octagons to dress the frames!

The photo below shows the frame just after we tested it. The frames measure 2700mm x1000mm x 1000mm. We designed the sconces to fit them into the corners of the room.

Here is the simple CAD we produced at the design stage, it gives an idea of how the spiral curtains will look:-

I will post some photos of the final installation as soon as they become available.

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