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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)

Siderale aquamarine Murano glass stairwell light from Venini

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If you are looking for a lovely modern stairwell light for your home and would like to think that you are making something of an investment at the same time, you might like the Siderale three-light suspended ceiling light, designed by Giorgio Vigna for Venini, the world-famous and very prestigious Venetian glass-making company.

The thick Murano glass is ground and faceted to give the light its translucent appearance. Aquamarine at the base, the colour fades into clear at the top.All the metal parts are plated with chrome.

The Venini company has remained at the forefront of glass manufacturing in Italy since its establishment in 1921, thanks to a long tradition of experience, skilled craftsmanship and clever design, and we are delighted to supply their products to our customers all over the world.

Height :
230 cm

Illumination : 3 x 60W G9 halogen bulbs

Shipping Category
Category B

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