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Razetti | Razetti Italy Lighting

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Razetti- Razetti Italy Lighting

Razetti was founded in 1960 by Luigino Razetti. The first chandelier born from Razetti was known as the “Razetti Chandelier” and it embodied the 60’s styles of the times, but also included rich decoration and was adorned with gold. The popularity of this chandelier meant it was soon copied by rival companies all around the world.

The artisans that work on the Razetti lighting focus on blending the three elements of earth, water and fire to bring their lighting designs to life.

The lights on show here are lights that show the diversity of Razetti’s brand, the Old America Red Coral Iron Chandelier, Double Shaded Ebony Chandelier, Double Tier White Chandelier and Cream and Coral Table Lamp.

Today the main craftor of the Razetti company is Luigino Razetti’s son, Riccardo Razetti, who’s lamps produce the styles that are faithful to the traditional values of Razetti.

The Razetti Company define themselves by three main things they believe their lighting always achieves- the richness of the decoration on the lamps, the shine of the enamel and the fineness of the dough they use.

The complete Razetti lighting range is available from the Italian Lighting Centre. Contact Us for details

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