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Modern mid-century Murano glass tronchi ballroom chandelier

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The dawn of the space age during the 1950s heralded the beginning of the modernist era of design. The Venetian studios were creating new styles of chandelier which reflected the spirit of the age.

In the last couple of years, those same studios have revisited their mid-century ideas and are now creating modern mid-century collections, based on those early designs, but brought up to date for the 21st century.

We are very pleased to have developed strong links with some of these glass-making companies over the years as we are able to offer you their new lines, often exclusively.

This magnificent oversized “tronchi” or “tube”chandelier, designed with function rooms and foyers in mind, is made on Murano from martellato glass. "Martellato” translates into English as “hammered”. Obviously that isn't possible with glass. Instead, it has been embossed on one side to make it semi-opaque. This is a very labour-intensive and skilled process, fraught with risk of breakage,but the successful result is certainly breathtaking.

Please tell us at our online checkout if you would prefer a 24 carat gold-plated frame or a chrome frame.

If you would like a custom colour or a different size, please get in touch with us. The price may differ.

Height : 100 cm

Diameter : 170cm

Illumination : 36 100W E27 bulbs

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