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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)

Mid century style leaf chandelier in clear or amber Murano glass

Product Code 5671

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A lovely, simple, and pretty suspended ceiling light, made by hand with overlapping clear or amber piastra glass leaves on the world-famous island of Murano, in the Venetian lagoon.

Please tell us at our online checkout if you would like a chrome-plated frame or a 24 carat gold-plated frame. The technique for making piastra glass dates back as far as the thirteenth century, and is very labour intensive, as the molten glass is formed into the required shape by hand, using iron tools, and then left to cool. The method may be traditional but the design and style are pure 1970s mid-century modernist.

The price quoted here is for the 55 centimetre (ø) size, but as it belongs to our own collection, you can order it in larger and smaller sizes. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

Diameter :
55 cm

Height : 45 cm plus chain

Illumination : 5 x 60W E27 bulbs

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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