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Large modern Nastri ribbed glass wall light from Venini

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"Nastri" is a lovely understated wall lighting design from Venini.

Each of the "nastri" which surround the chrome frame are made using a technique developed by the Venetian maestri centuries ago, and the method endures today, as it allows the glass-master a vast number of opportunities to be creative.

Molten glass is poured onto a large slab(or plate), and as it cools, the maestro can cut it into different shapes, or add different substances to the mix, like gold, or tiny glittering specks of glass dust to create a glitter effect.

In this case, the glass-maker has chosen a restained modern ribbed look in line with current lighting trends.

In the Venetian tradition, this fabulous wall lamp is much larger than you would expect it to be.

Height : 60 cm

Diameter : 36 cm

Illumination : 2 x 75W E27 bulbs

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