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Huge baroque style Venetian mirror with Murano glass

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The Venetian glass-making history dates back to the 13th century, and since the 15th century, they have been making beautiful decorative mirrors. Marie de Medici was presented with a glorious jewel-encrusted mirror by Venetian glass-masters in the 16th century which hangs in the Louvre today.

Today, the Venetians are still the masters of their art. An authentic Venetian glass mirror is not only regarded as a thing of beauty, but as a symbol of status and luxury, and will hold its value for years and years to come. Copies, often called "Venetian-style" or "Venetian-inspired"), lack the craftsmanship and prestige of the genuine article.
The dimensions of this incredible mirror are awe-inspiring.Engraved by hand in the traditional Venetian style, it has an antique finish, and sumptuous Murano glass decorations typical of the baroque-inspired design. In keeping with its Venetian heritage, all the wooden parts of the frame are black.

Width : 177 cm

Height : 255 cm

Shipping Category: B

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