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Flamina Lighting | Flamina Martini

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Flamina Lighting- Classical Chandeliers

Flamina was formed in 1963 by an antiquarian from Florence, Italy called Elio Martini. The aim of the brand was to reproduce antique crystal chandeliers. Over the next couple of years, the demand for the chandeliers increased, meaning that Flamina began not just selling in the antique shop market, but was also selling to specialised lighting and furniture shops, and Flamina soon became a highly established lighting manufacturer of antique chandeliers.

They split their catalog into four sections. These chandeliers each represent one chandelier from the range, Design, Classic, Decorative and Country.

Flamina constantly update their products to fit with the modern day demand. They continue to produce top quality classical chandeliers but additionally produce more contemporary designs, while constantly striving to ensure their quality is of the highest possible. Flamina’s main aim continues to be to produce the highest quality lighting that is tailored to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

The complete Flamina lighting range is available from the Italian Lighting Centre. Contact Us for details

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