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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)

Custom finish lead crystal prism ceiling light

Product Code 1613

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This stunning prismatic ceiling light is made of beautiful 30% lead crystal triangular prisms (triedri) on an elegant 24 carat gold-plated frame.

As light shines through a prism, it is broken up into its spectral components – in other words, the colours of the rainbow. This is the same phenomenon which occurs when the sun shines on raindrops. The result is a beautiful multi-coloured lighting display.

There are several possibilities for customizing your new light:
  • a chrome frame for a more contemporary look
  • Murano quadriedri (four-sided) prisms
  • clear triangular Murano glass prisms with curved edges
  • coloured Murano glass prisms (aquamarine, amber, red,pink, smoked or bronze). Colours are subject to a 30% surcharge.
Please get in touch with us if you would like prices for any of these alternative options.

We can also give you prices for smaller and larger sizes.

Diameter :
65 cm

Height : 32 cm

Weight : 23.7 kg

Illumination : 8 x 60W E14 bulbs

Shipping Category:
Category B

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