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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)

Italian Lighting


Italian lighting designers and manufacturers have been building the reputation of Italian designer lighting since the 1930′s.

The great designers now have a world reputation, with names such as Flos, Nemo, Artemide and Foscanini now household names in the world of interior design.

Italian lighting is not just about flair of design,innovative ideas, and great tradition: Italian lighting is also synonymous with quality an durability. The manufacturers only use the best quality materials, and the standards of build are second to none.

In the mid thirties companies like Fontana Arte raised Italian lighting on a world podium, and today this early tradition is  of innovation continues with brands like Axolight, Nemo and Studio Italia Design.

However Italian lighting is not just about modern innovation,Murano Chandeliers are renown throughout the world,and uphold the tradition of hand blown glass. Many try to copy the beauty of the Murano glass chandelier, but intruth no one has managed to surpass their beauty. The
island has been producing Venetian glass chandeliers since the 1600′s, and they are now part of the Italian lighting

italian lighting available online from the Italian Lighting Centre

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