Many people marvel at chandeliers but they can be out of the price range for many folks. These DIY relatively inexpensive chandelier projects are wonderfully innovative and are a perfect way to kill time on a rainy day or weekend.


DIY Yarn Chandeliers


From the Brilliantly creative Megan Brooke, comes this tutorial on how to make DIY Yarn Chandeliers using only: Balloons, yarn, cornstarch, glue, Vaseline, tarp and fast drying spray paint. You can find her tutorial at Megan Brooke Handmade Blog.



DIY Pajaki Paper Chandeliers

“Pajaki are traditional Polish paper chandeliers. Typically made from straw and pieces of coloured scrap paper” Here is a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own from Martha Stewart. The tutorial can be found at



Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier

From the ever creative Johnnie at Saved by love creations, comes the wine bottle chandelier. Really simple to make and as stylish as ever, it’s really worth have a go! The full tutorial can be found at Saved by Love Creations



Before & After: Bird Cage Chandelier

From Designer and artist Jesyka, is this wonderfully creative birdcage chandelier. Complete with fake birds, this bird cage would make a great addition to any home. The full tutorial can be found at Visual Vocabularie.



Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

Designed and made by Jessica from Decor Adventures is this wonderful wax paper Capiz shell chandelier. Full tutorial can be found at Decor Adventures



DIY Beaded Chandelier

Designed by Sarah from My Simple Obsession, this excellent beaded chandelier design would like fantastic in any house. The tutorial can be found on Sarah’s site My Simple Obsession.



Paper Flower Chandelier

Created by Lia Griffith, this terrific paper flower chandelier will brighten up any home decor and make a wonderful addition to any house. The full tutorial can be found at Lia Griffith’s Website



DIY Knock Off Orb Chandelier

Designed and made by Jennifer at Tater Tots and Jello, This Fantastic Knock off Orb chandelier would make a brilliant addition to any home. The tutorial can be found at Tater Tots and Jello



DIY Chandelier Planter

Created and designed by Roeshel, from DIY Show Off. This fabulous chandelier planter which will as a splash of colour to your garden. The tutorial can be found a DIY Show Off.



DIY String Globe Chandelier


Designed by Blogger Keeps on Ringing, this wonderful string globe chandelier would fit any house and decor, the tutorial can be found on the blog keeps on ringing.