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CALL US: 0800 043 5014  (mon to fri 9am - 5pm)

Bedroom Lights


We spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so it makes sense not to overlook bedroom lighting as it is such and important aspect of the room.

Ambient lighting really comes into it’s own in a bedroom. If the room has a pendant, a good idea would be to select a model that offers indirect light. 

This type of bedroom lighting will provide far more flattering illumination, as it bounces off the ceilings and the walls, rather than shining directly down onto the bed.

Wall lights can also look great, but again, something with shades will make for a more atmospheric bedroom rather than a sconce with exposed bulbs.

Of course, fitting a dimmer switch is a must in a bedroom, as it will give you a far grater range of moods, and for this reason, be careful if choosing lighting fitted with transformers, as the transformers can be problematic with dimmers, I am not saying it cant be done, but the last thing you want is a buss in your ear as you are trying to get to sleep.

Task lighting comes into its own in a bedroom, and often, the best choice is to go for bedside table lamps.  The trick here is to have opaque shades, as this will direct the light down, and avoid disturbing while your partner is reading.

If you are installing wall lights on the side of the bed, rather than table lights, the height is best set as follows: They should be just above shoulder height when sitting on the bed. 

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